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The HBC Sustainability Pledge


Working towards a more sustainable way of running events

The HBC have made a pledge to develop a more sustainable attitude to event planning and host a minimal waste evening, starting with the 2019 Health Blog Awards ceremony. The team has worked with consultant Beth Noy, of Plastic Freedom, to reduce waste and plastic at the event, as well as working with charities to share any surplus.

The team will be also working closely with their sponsors to encourage ways to reduce waste and use of single plastic and packaging, particularly when it comes to gifting and goodie bags.

“We intend to create a blueprint which we can follow with all flagship events, including the annual HBC summit conferences across the UK” said founder Fab Giovanetti. “This event allows us to document the changes, implementations and learnings to take a more sustainable approach overall”


“We’re excited to partner with the Health Bloggers Community to support their sustainable pledge for this years Awards. At Karma, we’re passionate about reducing food waste and so it’s a pleasure to connect with likeminded organisations like HBC and spread this important message. With genius ideas in the works like a digital goodie bag, we’re excited to see what comes next!” 


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