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HBC Summit


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conference for health bloggers and influencers

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What should I expect from the HBC Summit?

A coming together of like-minded people to help one another achieve common goals and grow. The HBC Summit is the biggest networking event for brands, bloggers and influencers in the health & wellness industry. Prepare to learn from our teachers and workshops, be surprised by our talks, panels and Q&As and meet and greet incredible like-minded people who share your passion.


Join us for a full day of learning from top-experts

The missing link: Health & Wellness Trends

This section of the summit will cover everything health and wellness, with an eye for the latest trends, cutting-edge products, and concepts that are looking to revolutionise health and wellness as we know them in 2019.

Make an Impact: How to Grow your Influence

In the second half of the summit, we’ll be exploring how content and influence is evolving in 2019. With a specific focus on alternative content such as podcasts, book publishing, and hands-on workshops, this section allows you to gain the confidence you need to spread your message to a wider audience.

Summit 2019 calendar

London 2019


Leyton, London


23rd March 2019

Get the chance to speak at the Summit with the HBC launchpad

The HBC launchpad isn’t a typical panel opportunity – we include our launchpad in the HBC Summits to allow new and upcoming speakers to interact with their audience in a unique, meaningful way.

Frequently asked questions

How do I suggest a speaker?

Use our speaker recommendation form, and fill in as much information as you can. This form goes directly to our speaker selection team. You can suggest someone you work for, or a client.

Can I suggest myself as a speaker?


Will it help if I submit multiple nominations, or have my friends nominate me several times?

No. It really only takes one suggestion.

Is there a deadline for suggesting a speaker?

We accept nominations all the time. However, we will stop looking for applicants for each event a month before the said event.

I want to speak at the Summit, but my usual talk runs 30 minutes. Can I get a longer slot?

We strictly enforce the clock for all speakers. We believe in making an impact with a short, meaningful message. A 15-minute talk can communicate your best ideas – just make sure you have a strong presentation, and you’ll be good to go!

What do you pay speakers?

The HBC does not pay speakers. Most speakers stay for the whole conference, soaking up the talks and connecting with other attendees. Other benefits include the goodie bag and offers from the community. We are committed to creating an experience that’s tremendously fulfilling and beneficial on all sides. An additional benefit of speaking at the HBC launchpad is that your presentation may become a HBC Talk, part of our beautifully produced, broadcast-quality video series. Not all talks given on the stage will automatically become online HBC Talks, but we hope most do.