The Membership

The HBC is a mastermind group – a coming together of hundreds of like-minded people to help one another achieve common goals and grow. We aren’t an agency: we are a community. The Health Bloggers Community is the perfect gathering for small and big bloggers alike. The membership provides tutorials, support and accountability to make an impact and grow your blog and brand.

How to join the Community
8-Week Course

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Our Ambassadors

We pride ourselves of having an incredible host of ambassadors who spread the HBC word all over the globe. If you’d like to partner up with a fellow community member in your area and start your own ambassador events, join the HBC Group today.


Amie Forster

York / Leeds / Harrogate

Eleanor May C

York / Leeds / Harrogate
Lucy Drennan

Lucy Drennan

Head shot

Amy Meegan


Martha Norris

Bristol / South West

Cam Dempster

Bristol / South West

Amy Cousins

Bristol / South West