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Fab Giovanetti - Founder

Founder of the HBC, Fab has over 8 years of experience in marketing, content, PR and social media.

Since founding the Health Bloggers Community she touched over 20,000 people (both online and offline) providing practical insights, inspiration, motivation and top-notch tools to save time, money, and truly make an impact in the health and wellness industry.

Samantha Couzens - Events & Communication

Samantha is a blogger recipe developer and photographer

Samantha is a recipe developer, blogger and food photographer bringing happiness wherever she goes. Her aim is to promote happiness and healthiness to all with wholesome recipes and positivity. She is in charge of content, styling and recipe development, as well as event management and communication: “it’s a busy job and challenges me every day, but that’s why I love it”

Amy Lanza - Social & Editorial

Amy is a plant-based food blogger, recipe developer and content creator

She focuses on food, health and happiness to promote a nourishing lifestyle and regularly shares her positive vibes, inspirational affirmations and food creations on her social media channels and her website. She believes in being in tune with your body’s natural rhythm, to listen to its cravings and to treat each meal as a special occasion – to nourish you from the inside out.