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Credibility is a growing problem in the wellness industry. In a recent WellSpoken survey 74% of consumers said that they find it difficult to identify wellness information they can trust. The current lack of industry-specific legislation means that consumers and other stakeholders have had to become the active players in holding wellness brands and influencers accountable. This leads to confusion, frustration and mistrust. Influencers also have a responsibility to approach brands in a professional manner and outline their business case for collaboration, as well as being fully aware of how to protect their content and be transparent about their advertising work.

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What will be covered?

This joint training scheme aims to provide influencers with an understanding of the underlying principles of the WellSpoken Code of Practice and Industry Guidelines as well as the HBC Marketing Standards, with specific examples of the application of these codes in everyday situations.

During the training, influencers will undertake assessments that aim to examine their understanding of the principles of credible health writing, as well as their proficiency in marketing and advertising practices and building strong working relationships with brands.

Upon completion of the training scheme a training certificate will be provided to all trainees, which will demonstrate the standards taught and attained throughout. It will also reflect that those awarded are going beyond the minimum business standard for compliance with UK and EU law and best practice principles, as well as FTC and ASA regulations.

Training objectives and outcomes

Suitable for bloggers and influencers looking to develop their skills and improve the quality of their editorial content for their audience and ensure they are in line with current marketing and advertising legislation.

Learning outcomes

  • Appreciate the fundamental principles underpinning WellSpoken and HBC industry standards and codes of conduct
  • Understand how to use those principles, along with compliance knowledge, to develop credible wellness content
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