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A Baking Challenge Like
No Other.

About the HBC Bake Off

At the HBC we make it our mission to inspire you with wonderful ways to reclaim your day off. This time we are challenging you to find your Zen in the kitchen, with our very own HBC bake-off. We’re inviting foodies from all backgrounds to put their skills to the test and share their favourite creations with us. As an influencer and/or blogger who loves food (and talking, writing and snapping food) we want you to join us by spreading the good word about taking some time for yourself and indulging in one of the HBC favourite activities: cooking.


Mairi Rivers

2018 Bake Off Winner

Cam Dempster

2018 Runner Up


2018 Runner Up

“The HBC Bake Off is just the kind of event that allows you to meet new people & find out more about them in a way that doesn’t feel sleazy. Get in, Bake and chat away. Personally to be able to get into a professional kitchen and have a play around with recipes and receiving feedback on the finished product is invaluable. Honestly, I just feel like this is the kind of event that screams community.”

Camilla Dempster – NLPerform

“I had a fantastic time at the HBC Bake Off. I was worrying beforehand that I would be so nervous that my hands would shake and I wouldn’t be able to cut straight, but everyone was so friendly and supportive that I needn’t have worried. There was a great atmosphere in the kitchen and the judges were lovely. I really enjoyed the Q&A afterwards too. I would highly recommend anyone with an interest in cooking to apply next year!”

Mairi Rivers – Ginger Vegan 

“The HBC Bake Off was one of the best blogger events I’ve ever been to. It was such a laugh and great to meet the other lovely finalists in a relaxed environment. Everyone was so lovely and helpful – we definitely weren’t a competitive group!”

Sophie Parker – Oat so Delicious 

“I had such a fantastic time at my very first Bake Off! I love the classic tv show and I was delighted to get the chance to compete in something that would challenge me as a blogger and foodie, and make me try baking with new ingredients! I loved meeting new people, having a laugh together, and just boosting my creativity with new recipes” 

Ciara Kelly – The Irish Balance