Influencer Marketing Masterclass

Keep working with bloggers, but do not see the results you expect?

This masterclass is aimed at brands looking to start working with influencers as part of their marketing strategy, as well as creating their very own ambassador programme.

It will be compromised of a very small group, allowing for extensive tailoring on the day, which will be facilitated by sending all attendees a pre-class form to assess main goals and concerns on the topic.

The day’s agenda includes not only case studies from brands we have been working in the past, but also influencer marketing tools, agencies and micro-influencers on different digital channels such as YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.
We will cover an introduction to Influencer marketing and where it sits within your marketing strategy. We will look at the different types of influencers and how to deliver your marketing goals via this medium. We will conclude with how to measure your influencer campaign’s success.

We’ll also be discussing emerging trends in the industry and WHY influencer marketing is here to stay.

THE 101s

  • Understand crucial factors of influencers’ research
  • Create an onboarding strategy that keeps influencers engaged
  • Master the art of influencer outreach
  • Learn how to understand and interpret key statistics and analytics
  • Create an ambassador program that produces effective results
  • Learn how to monitor the impact and success of your campaigns

This masterclass is for

  • PR professionals looking to integrate influencer marketing into their services
  • Small business owners wanting to create meaningful marketing relationships on a small budget
  • Marketing managers looking to setup their very own network of ambassadors
  • Businesses or brands wanting to optimise their existing network of influencers

Some of our past clients

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