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Our Influencer Campaigns

We live in a world where the currency is measured in clicks, follows, likes and comments. It’s by these metrics of engagement that success is determined. 

Health Bloggers Talent aims to personally manage quality talent, those who are among the top social creators in the world; dedicated and passionate individuals who are determined to be professional and accountable while being creative, vibrant and overall unforgettable human beings.

As part of our services we take care of all influencer payment and chase up of completion. We are always on top of influencer marketing industry standards so the brand doesn’t have to be.

Influencers are consumers with a social following that trusts what they have to say. They are the new powerful voices with the ability to sway and influence the purchasing decisions of their followers. We can help you amplify your brand’s reach on social media by tapping into our managed network of health, fitness and wellness influencers with 5,000 – 200,000 followers.

We select the right influencers for your brand with the ability to segment by a specific niche within the health industry, country of reach and social engagement, for a targeted campaign to get you the best results possible.

We work with you to create an engaging campaign based on your set objectives. We can help with guidance on digital content and strategies to help achieve your desired results and build strong and long-lasting relationships with the bloggers involved.

We carry out all communication with influencers and manage the relationship from the beginning to the end of the campaign, saving you from dealing with multiple conversations and time-consuming logistics and yet still receiving amazing results.

We are able to provide post-campaign reports with relevant stats and insights on the success of a campaign. We are also able to provide you with up-to-date analytics during the live campaign, should you wish to measure its success for yourself.

Influencer Marketing Masterclasses

This masterclass is aimed at brands looking to start working with influencers as part of their marketing strategy, as well as creating their very own ambassador programme.

It will be compromised of a very small group, allowing for extensive tailoring on the day, which will be facilitated by sending all attendees a pre-class form to assess main goals and concerns on the topic.

The day’s agenda includes not only case studies from brands we have been working in the past, but also influencer marketing tools, agencies and micro-influencers on different digital channels such as YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.
We will cover an introduction to Influencer marketing and where it sits within your marketing strategy. We will look at the different types of influencers and how to deliver your marketing goals via this medium. We will conclude with how to measure your influencer campaign’s success.

We’ll also be discussing emerging trends in the industry and WHY influencer marketing is here to stay.

Exclusive Press Events

We believe that whether we are hosting an invite-only event or working with hundreds of people, it’s key for us to support the brand we work with through our own channels online and offline. This is why we offer you a basic package as well as bespoke support in organising your press event. During our events we will make sure you are firmly positioned among industry leaders by creating press-worthy conversations, driving online and print media coverage and social interactions, organising events and connecting the dots to form inspiring collaborations. 

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