A collaboration between That Protein and the Health Bloggers Community, the awards provide a unique opportunity for individuals and companies from their sector to be recognised for their social media achievements through blogging, vlogging and Instagramming. This is a celebration of the flourishing and ever-growing community of health bloggers from all around the world. The awards are focused on the UK market, as well as including one Irish category and one EU category.

A blog defines and represents the epitomy of all digital content platforms. The HBA recognise the best in digital talent, whilst providing everyone with an opportunity to be entered into the process, no matter how big or small your following.



That Protein is the first ever raw and organic 2-in-1 superfood plant protein with serious nutrition that gives proven health benefits. It has created a nutrition revolution with its first ever “super proteins” – the purest range of fabulous superfood and protein fusions out there.

It’s the only brand to mix superfoods with plant proteins in high enough concentrations to deliver real health benefits, including repairing and building lean muscle, helping you work out for longer and maintaining great skin, hair and nails.


The Health Bloggers Community is the first and leading community of health and fitness influencers, counting over 2.5k members from 14 countries.

The community is a hub for bloggers looking to develop their skills with the HBC Academy, share their stories via the HBC magazine, meet up through our worldwide events and work with the most exciting up-and-coming brands from the health and wellness industry via our influencer marketing services.

 2017 Judges and Winners

Rebecca Pearson
Dr. Rupy Aujla
Rozanna Purcell
Annie Clarke
Darlene McCormick
Carly Rowena


“Beautiful blog and social media account with wonderful recipes” – Annie Clarke


“I love the layout of the site. The promise of learning as she learns is quite compelling, she’s great at photography and has an honest demeanour.” – Rupy Aujla


“Jody has made huge steps towards raising the interest in meditation and many topics around self-care.” Annie Clarke


“Beautiful content, bright pictures and beautifully explained recipes!” – Carly Rowena


“Excellent content and photography and not overly commercial” – Darlene McCormick


“Their content is brilliant and consistent. You can tell they have a real passion for healthy living based on the content they share. It’s really enjoyable reading their blog.” – Roz Purcell


“Its really slick and professional and, while it’s aspirational and perhaps not accessible to all, it covers a range of wellness aspects that make it an interesting read. it’s fun and bright and I’d definitely refer to it for beauty information and cool new fitness classes.” – Rebecca Pearson


“She’s a complete breath of fresh air to the industry and has a lot of valid information to share with the public from an educated and entertaining perspective.” – Rupy Aujla


“Gorgeous images, really inviting, crisp and clean!” – Carly Rowena


“For their content. The content on the blog is written excellently and the quality is superb. The recipes are easy to follow and use regular everyday ingredients encouraging people to choose healthy recipe options when cooking and baking. The design of the website does need to be improved” – Roz Purcell


This isn’t the slickest blog of the 3. However, it’s the site I stayed on for the longest, learning lots about aromatherapy from a professional. I also like that she speaks out against negative aspects of the aromatherapy world/industry and gives thorough advice on how to avoid the pitfalls such as potentially dangerous advice from practitioners. Though the branding and social aren’t the best of the 3, but in that sense this site harks back to older days of blogging, finding fun little pockets of specialised knowledge.” – Rebecca Pearson


“Jessica is inspiring, her blog is constantly updated, and she uses social media in order to promote her message and further the reach of her blog. Her branding is on point, but her genuine passion for helping others is what stands out.” – Fab Giovanetti


1. Best Recipe Blog (sponsored by No.1 Rosemary Water)

“The Extract in No1 Rosemary Water is created by the UK’s best botanical scientists.  A combination of complex extraction techniques result in all the correct amino acids and flavanoids being present.  Evidence strongly suggests a daily intake of rosemary can help the body stay illness free and in turn contribute to a much longer life. No.1 Rosemary Water have sponsored this category in celebration of “creativity”, we have worked hard to find an innovative way to introduce more rosemary into our diets. ”

2. Free-From / Illness Recovery Blog (sponsored by Freeist!)

“The ‘free-from’ category in retail is booming, growing each year and on track to break the £1 billion mark by 2020. There is a lot of buzz about the category with more and more space given to free from in store. However, there is also a lot more of a buzz online with some excellent bloggers out there creating great free-from content. At Free’ist, we are passionate about free-from and we wanted to show our support for all free-from bloggers out there. We felt that the Health Blog Awards is a great platform to do this.”

3. Yoga and Spirituality Blog (sponsored by Lorna Jane UK)

“We’re sponsoring the Yoga category at the GBC Awards because the founder of the brand, Lorna Jane Clarkson’s current no.1 love is Yoga.  She discovered a deep love for it when visiting Bali a few years ago, and since learnt to be a Yoga teacher and incorporates it into her daily life.  Our Yoga styles include a range of supportive Sports Bras, maximum coverage Yoga Leggings and breathable Tanks, all made from high performance fabric designed to flow with you”

4. Fitness Blog (sponsored by Bounce Foods)

“We’re very excited to be sponsoring the Best Fitness Blog category at this year’s HBC Awards.  We chose to sponsor this category to help spread awareness of the importance of smart snacking when looking for a boost of energy, especially for those into fitness and a healthier way of living.  No matter how you stay active we want everyone to know that Bounce has always got your back!”

5. Vegan Blog (sponsored by That Protein)

“As Co-Founders of the Awards we are delighted to help showcase such great Blogging talent.  As a Plant Based Nutrition company and people who enjoy promoting a vegan lifestyle we are delighted to also sponsor The Best Vegan Blog.”

6. EU Bloggers (sponsored by Biomed)

“Biomed is proud to sponsor the Best European Blog Award 2017. At Biomed, we have a real passion for health and education and believe that all the bloggers in this category share our zest for spreading good health and awareness. The Health Blog Awards is a great platform for doing so”

7. Best New Blogger (sponsored by Mindful Bites)

““We are a new comer into the market so naturally we are drawn to the new blogger category, as we know the joys but also the pains of starting a new adventure.  We are also a company which firmly believes in innovation and the power of change; we believe that the small changes by every and each one of us can truly generate a ripple effect and have a massive impact.  And for this reason we want to support somebody who is bravely putting himself or herself out there, with the intention of generating a meaningful impact.”

8. Science and Nutrition Blog (sponsored by Mount Olympus Foods)

“”Because Kefir is high in nutrients and good bacteria, and it is incredibly beneficial for digestion and gut health. Also, because there are hundreds of scientific articles on PubMed and other sites regarding kefir and its versatile uses and benefits!”

9. Best Health & Fitness Instagram (sponsored by Spiced Nutrition)

“Nowadays, social media is playing a vital role in influencing and communicating the benefits of healthy and active lifestyle. This however is only possible with an effort of unique and authentic individuals who look beyond the camera lenses and aim to inspire, educate and guide people how to become healthier, fitter and happier. As an innovative brand which creates all natural products with purpose, Spiced Nutrition is delighted to sponsor the category of the Best Health and Fitness Instagram”.

10. Best Irish Blog (sponsored by Soulbia Foods)

“SoulBia is proud to sponsor the Best Irish Blog Award 2017. We want to recognise and celebrate the talented individuals that share our passion for positive eating and positive living. We love finding good food and telling people about it and we love to support those who share this passion.”

11. Best Natural Beauty & Lifestyle Blog (sponsored by Biomed Nutrition)

“Noughty haircare represents a way of life – a choice to use natural ingredients and vegan-friendly products without losing an ounce of sass.  We believe perfection is not only overrated, it’s dull. We celebrate beauty in all shapes and sizes, it’s what makes the world so interesting. We’re naturally beautiful, Noughty by nature and we want to celebrate those fab bloggers who are pushing the limits of exciting beauty content online.”

12. Health Blogger of the Year (sponsored by Renew Life)

“It’s a real honour to be sponsoring such a prestigious category in this years awards. Each nominee has shown to be real source of creativity, promoting gut health and general wellness through in a way that’s inspirational yet accessible. Their core values of helping to empower others and improve quality of life through health and nutrition very much align with Renew Life.”


2017 Ceremony Q&A Panel

Rebecca Pearson
Dr. Rupy Aujla
Rozanna Purcell
Q&A Host: Rhiannon Lambert
Tally Rye


  • Must be a blog
  • Must be entered into the correct category
  • Must be written by a person based in the UK
  • The EU Blog category is for bloggers based outside of the UK & Ireland only
  • The Irish Blog category is for bloggers based in Ireland only
  • The blogger must be over the age of 18
  • Each blog can be entered into a maximum of two categories
  • The Awards are open to anyone that writes a blog – whether it is for enjoyment/personal development, as part of their job, to improve the visibility of their business as sole traders or as a professional blogger
  • By entering the Health Blog Awards you agree to allow the Awards to publish excerpts and showcase screen shots of entered blogs in promotion of the Awards.

The top X3 Blogs from each category will be shortlisted and will be showcased on the website

Shortlisted blogs will be featured on the HBC magazine and social media, as well as on the website.

We hope that all shortlisted bloggers can attend the HBA ceremony to celebrate their blogging achievements and also to collect their award in person if they win.


  • On 15th July, you will be notified if you have been shortlisted.
  • It is then up to you to promote your entry to your colleagues, friends and family.
  • Once the public vote closes, the top 3-5 blogs from each category will be put forward to our expert judges.
  • Public vote counts for 30% of the final score, and judge vote counts for 70%.

The criteria for the awards will be judged as follows:

  1. Relevance to the topic
  2. Design & style
  3. Engagement and social proof
  4. Content
  5. Blog usability and navigation


  • Quality and consistency of the blog
  • Overall Branding
  • Food blogs: recipes, clarity, and overall food photography
  • Passion and knowledge on the main topic of the blog


Best Recipe — a food blog focusing mainly on recipes

Free-From/Illness Recovery Blog — a blog with dairy-free/gluten-free recipes, or a journey of illness recovery (e.g.Crohn’s disease)

Yoga and Spirituality Blog — a blog about yoga, spirituality and wellbeing

Fitness Blog — a blog focusing on fitness

Vegan Blog — a blog that covers topics surrounding veganism and/or vegan recipes

EU Bloggers — a blog run by a European health blogger

Best New Blogger – a blog that has been running for six months or less

Science and Nutrition Blog — a blog that includes opinion pieces and articles on the science behind food, nutrition or fitness

Health Blogger of the Year — the only category you cannot enter, we choose one blogger who stands out from the crowd to take the title.


Any blogger can enter throughout May and June. Entries will be shortlisted on 30th June. Max 2 blog categories per blogger. The finalist list will be opened up to a public vote — this is your chance to get your readers behind you and get them voting.

We’ll supply you with buttons and banners to promote your vote, then it’s down to you to encourage your readers to vote for you. The public vote is worth 30% of the overall mark.

Anyone can enter! If you’re a blogger you can nominate yourself, as long as you carefully read the criteria above. There is no charge — this is a celebration of our community — so get entering.

Yes, you can enter your blog into the‘Best EU Blog’ category (it must be written in English). This is the only category where the blogger doesn’t have to be based in the UK or Ireland. The Irish Blog category is specifically for Irish bloggers.

Hit us up with #HBA2017 and follow @healthblogaward on Twitter.

2016 That Protein & HBC Health Blog Awards

Our first edition of the Health Blog Awards saw over 150+ bloggers compete for 9 categories in the field of health, fitness and wellbeing.

Judges & Winners

Zanna Van Dijk
Hazel Wallace
Pixie Turner

Best Health Blog of the Year  (Sponsored by Soil Association) Rachel – Healthy and Psyched

Best European Blog (Sponsored by Linwoods) Anne Kraup – Anne Smiles

Best Free From & Illness Recovery Blog (Sponsored by Soulmate Foods) Ceri Jones – Natural Kitchen Adventures

Best Yoga & Spirituality Blog (Sponsored by Amanzi Tea)  Eleanor C May – Green + Aquamarine

Best Science and Nutrition Blog || Sarah Curry – Dishin it Out

Best New Blog (Sponsored by Superfoodlx)  Rae-Emily Dani & Lily –  Beauty at Brunch

Best Fitness Blog (Sponsored by Bounce Balls) Lisa J Holmes – Wildcat Fit UK

Best Vegan Blog (Sponsored by That Protein) Amelia Littlejohn – Nourishing Amelia

Best Recipe Blog (sponsored by Two Chicks) Lucy Parker – Lucy and Lentils

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