Our Influencer Crew

The Influencer Crew is a mastermind group – a coming together of 200+ like-minded people to help one another achieve common goals and grow. We aren’t an agency: we are a community.

Who’s in the crew?

The HBC Influencer Crew is a small group formed of the biggest movers and shakers in the world of health and wellness today.

Our Influencer Crew includes content creators of all sizes and backgrounds. Not only do we work with carefully-picked micro-influencers, but we also support huge influencer talent in the health and fitness industry.

Application and benefits

How do I sign up?

We typically only accept influencers to the Crew with a minimum or 5K+ followers on Instagram, or 10K+ monthly views on their blog. We will also take into account the quality of your content when making our decision about your membership. However, we know there are a lot of powerful micro-influencers out there too. So if your numbers aren’t big but you’ve got a great message and gorgeous content you think we need to know about we’d love to hear from you.

Application and benefits