The HBC Influencer Crew

Join over 100 influencers

Our influencer crew includes content creators of all sizes and backgrounds.Our aim is to educate, empower and inspire you by bringing you a free library courses and monthly Q&As, mastermind groups, exclusive events with selected brands and much more.

Not only do we work with over one hundred carefully-picked micro-influencers, but we also support huge influencer talent in the health and fitness industry, offering expert management, content creation support, speaking opportunities, and partnerships.

  • Free access to our library of courses
  • Monthly masterminds and campaign resources and swipe files
  • Invite to exclusive launches and gatherings
  • Special discounts to masterclasses and official events

The HBC Academy

with over 500 students

The HBC Academy is a library of workshops, how-tos and interviews on blogging, marketing, business as well as influencer marketing tips. It includes topics such as building a newsletter, brand design, WordPress, social media and photography.

By joining any of our courses you will gain access to our exclusive group: it is a supportive space for you to share your blog posts, discover new bloggers and discuss the latest topics trending in the health world. Join the conversation in one of our chats, ask questions about blogging in our support groups and make new friends with other like-minded bloggers.

  • Mobile access to the whole library
  • Case studies and interviews with influencers
  • Hundred of worksheets and templates
  • Private accountability group with fellow online content creators

Some of the influencers part of our Crew

@romylondonuk 🇬🇧
@healthyjon 🇬🇧
@thewellnessrookie_ 🇺🇸
@bettinas_kitchen 🇪🇸
@rebelrecipes 🇬🇧
@lulusdreamtown 🇩🇪
@missmarzipancom 🇸🇪•
@ceriskitchen 🇬🇧

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