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The HBC Magazine fuses the worlds of influencers, health, and fitness through expert interviews, opinion pieces, and spotlight features.

We share stories that follow the lives and careers of influencers and leaders, for fellow bloggers and influencers to action on their industry-insider tips and tricks.

We are a big advocate of the idea of making an impact with your message. Our readers, both male, and female, live for experiences that tap into their psyche and really help them harness the power of their influence. Educating them and inspiring them is at the core of the HBC values.

Why Advertise with the HBC?

The HBC audience are opinion leaders who actively recommend products and services to their friends. 70% + tell their friends about things they have seen and read on the HBC. HBC is a key platform via which to influence the purchasing decisions of your potential customers.

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Brand awareness via our dedicated channels in creative and engaging ways

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We work with brands co-creating content to share across the magazine with an authentic voice

Social media awareness and content creation

From stop-motion videos to styled photography, we make sure the content stands out

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