Marketing that Matters: Events, Influencer Outreach and Digital Marketing

We believe that whether we are hosting an invite-only event or working with hundreds of people, it’s key for us to support the brand we work with through our own channels online and offline.

Not only that, but we know that not all brands are created equally.

This is why we offer a range of options for press and launch events, as well as masterclasses, courses and one-to-one sessions.

Engagement and influencer marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies out there: it’s a type of strategy that engages an audience with a real-life invitation to engage with – or experience – a brand and what it makes or represents. It’s participatory, hands-on, and tangible.

The premise is to create a closer bond between the consumer and the brand by immersing them in a fun and memorable experience.

If a brand event stirs genuine positive emotions within people then they are more likely to associate those emotions with that brand, which is more effective than just showing them a Facebook ad or something.

Working with HBC has now opened up this circle a little wider and they have been brilliant at vetting influencers for us and selecting influencers that cover key areas of organic farming/sustainability, fitness and healthy eating/food photography.

One Earth Organics

Working with the HBC has been awesome. They have been professional yet very friendly from the start. It is reassuring to have their wealth of experience and skills on hand to guide us. They provide a personal touch which is very much appreciated in business. I cannot thank them enough for all their encouragement and support. The HBC rocks and I highly recommend getting involved with them!


Exhibit and sponsor our Events

By taking part to our events, you have the opportunity to speak one-to-one with the bloggers who shape consumer spending. Our bloggers are always looking to talk about the latest products and brands, and with access to 60-200 bloggers depending on the event, you have the potential to create an amazing buzz around your product.

When a blogger has the opportunity to personally use a product in their day-to-day life, they are more likely to share their experience in blog posts and on social media.

We had an absolutely fantastic time at HBCxMeet, we really feel the exhibition had a huge impact in terms of brand awareness and networking. We would love to participate in as many future HBC exhibitions as possible. Please do keep us in mind for all other events you have planned.

Biomed Nutrition

The HBCXMeet provided the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of TOTM and what we do. It was amazing to be able to network, share our messaging and build connections for future collaborations with like-minded, health-conscious bloggers. The bloggers give so much back, providing feedback and ideas to help your brand move forward – it’s an amazing community.

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