Connecting and educating online content creators. Empowering influencers to work with brands they love.

We are on a mission to educate and impart our knowledge of Influencer Marketing to brands, empowering them to launch their own campaigns and connect with ambassadors in real life. An influencer is anyone who has an engaged audience in your field. They may be a blogger, YouTuber, Instagrammer, or perhaps they have a presence on Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat.

Their audience respects them, looks up to them and listens to what they have to say.

If you can get one of these influencers talking about you and your business, it’s like borrowing their following, and it can be a huge boost to your business.

How We Work with People

We work to bring you emerging trends in the industry and show you WHY influencer marketing is here to stay. Influencer marketing, which is the best marketing method for a socially active, globalised, and digitalised generation, is now one of the most preferred advertising methods by many brands. We offer different solutions to help you make the most of this tool in your own business.

Health Bloggers Events are at the Core of What we do. You have the opportunity to speak one-to-one with the bloggers who shape consumer spending. Our bloggers are always looking to talk about the latest products and brands, and with access to 60-200 bloggers depending on the event, you have the potential to create an amazing buzz around your product.

The HBC Team

Fab Giovanetti

With over six years experience in the PR & marketing industry, Fab founded the HBC as she saw a gap in the market that needed to be filled. Fab is a natural when it comes to bringing people together, as well as a fancy wordsmith and a neat freak, as you can clearly see in our magazine.

When she is not plotting world-domination or researching the latest influencer marketing news, Fab coaches strength and works as a PT in a small gym in Hackney.

Follow Fab: Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn

Laura Gant – Influencers

Laura is a self-confessed coffee snob and pic n mix addict with more than a slight obsession with peanut butter (#health). She is passionate about health and fitness and spends most of her gym time strength training, however, her weekend treat is always a boxing class! Her other love is travel, and I recently spent 3 months in Central America, (next on the list is Australia).

Her background is in digital marketing (despite having a degree in economics) and she knows a thing or two about events too. When she’s not busy at the HBC, you will usually find her hitting up brunch (bottomless of course) – or at the newest studio in London, obvs.

Zoe J – Events and Partnerships

Zoe is a health-wellness-travel-beauty-fitness-junkie. She loves green juices and anything made with coconut, but she is a true foodie at heart. She is passionate about keeping healthy and staying fit, her favourites being pilates, barre and yoga to keep her calm and sane in the hustle and bustle of busy London life!

Her background is in Publishing, Events and Product Development, with experience in developing brand partnerships and sponsorships, as well as creating and launching new products to market. She also holds a degree in Psychology and a certification in Health Coaching.

When she’s not busy with events at the HBC, you might find her planning her next holiday or retreat escape, practicing pilates or researching the latest healthy eateries and boutique fitness studios around London.

Sam Hutton – Editorial & Support

With a varied background across industries, Sam supports the day-to-day running of the operation, mainly the magazine, courses and more. If you are lost, Sam is the person to go to!

Big foodie and travel junkie, Sam works remotely travelling the world.

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